Master level




UE K – Architecture and sustainability: performance studies

2017-2018, Master semester 1 & 3 – Course details on Is-Academia
Instructors: Loïc Fumeaux, Giorgia Chinazzo, Dan-Alexis Bolomey, Corentin Fivet, Marilyne Andersen, Emmanuel Rey
Laboratories: LIPID | LAST | SXL More information: Course overview | IDEAS Module 2

This course articulates itself around a detailed design and analysis exercise of the climate-responsiveness and energy-efficiency of a building’s envelope. This exercise resorts to several assessment methods, of which the students will have to master the principles and use, with a particular emphasis on a range of simulation tools of variable complexity. The students will be able to integrate several environmental criteria together with performance objectives and the theories behind a resource-efficient and sustainable structure in the design process of a building’s façade. They will thus be asked to explore different ways of modeling and assessing performance within this integration context. Emphasis will notably be placed on energy and response to climate, on occupant visual and thermal comfort and on the adequate use of materials and sustainable construction technologies.

Previous editions: 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014

Comfort class

Comfort and architecture: sustainable strategies

2017-2018, Master semester 1 & 3 – Course details on Is-Academia
Instructors: Marilyne Andersen, Boris Karamata, Jan Wienold, Peter Zurbrugg
Laboratories: LIPID

This class focuses on the architectural strategies suited to ensure the highest possible indoor environment quality for buildings from the perspective of the occupants’ comfort and using predominantly passive means, possibly complemented with available sustainable technologies.


Master in Energy Management and Sustainability (MES)

2017-2018, Master semester 1 & 2
Instructors: Maher Kayal, Marilyne Andersen, Fernando Porté-Agel, Matthias Finger
Laboratories: Elab | LIPID | WIRE | MTEI
More information: Program overview

The Energy Management and Sustainability (MES) degree is a unique interdisciplinary opportunity fully geared towards achieving lasting advances in a world where the issue of sustainability has become paramount. Students receive theoretical and practical training, using state-of–the-art environmental and sustainable research and development framework.

An overview of the current master and semester projects open at LIPID for this program can be found here.

Previous editions: 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014

Guest lectures/jury

Sustainability class

Civil engineering teaching unit: Sustainable construction

2014-2015, Master semester 1 & 3 – Course details on Is-Academia
Instructors: Edgard Gnansounou, Lyesse Laloui, Alain Nussbaumer, Jan Wienold
Laboratories: BPE | LMS | ICOM | LIPID

LIPID contribution: Guest lecture


Studio Rollet

Atelier Rollet

2014-2015, Master semester 1 & 2
Professor: Pascal Rollet
Instructor: Barbara Tirone
More information: Atelier Rollet

LIPID contribution: Guest lecture, mid-term review jury

Studio Weinand

Studio Weinand

2012-2013, Master semester 3 – Course details on Is-Academia
Instructor: Yves Weinand
Laboratory: IBOIS
More information: Design Studio Weinand

LIPID contribution: Guest lecture, mid-term review jury

UE G : Digital Design and Production

UE G : Digital Design and Production

2010-2011, Master semester 2 – Course details on Is-Academia
Instructors: Harry Gugger, Russell Loveridge
Laboratories: LABA | LIPID | LGG

LIPID contribution: Full day module ‘Designing with glass: Sun, light and comfort’